Monday, January 19, 2015

Do you want to know what terror is? by YJ Draiman

Do you want to know what terror is? by YJ Draiman

Ask the Englishmen who witnessed the bombing of London by the Germans V2 missiles during World War 2. The English and the Americans responded by sending thousands of bombers on a daily basis and turned German cities into rubble.
Over 1000 rockets have been fired into Israel‘s largest cities including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem this past 10 days.
5 million Israeli civilians plus are living under fire or in bomb shelters.
No country in the world would remain passive in the face of hundreds of rockets targeting her cities – Israel is no exception.
Could Americans visualize 1000 missiles coming across from Mexico what would America‘s response. Americans must realize, Israel is in the same situation – response must be immediate, forceful and complete, no holds barred. 
If it happened to any other country, the response would be destroy them at all costs, do not worry about collateral damage.
I know Russia‘s Putin would wipe them and their territory of the face of the earth – world opinion be dammed.
Israel must complete the job this time. Destroy Hamas, Fattah and all the terrorists once and for all. We do not want a repeat performance a few years from now – it will only get worse.
Hezbollah in Lebanon is already starting to shoot missiles at Israel.
Next in-line are the Iranians.
How about utilizing the laser weapon technology to destroy the rockets.
Do not even mention a cease fire – it is out of the question, until the terrorists and their infrastructure is turned into dust. All violence must be stopped. This is an all out war and unfortunately innocents suffer and pay a price.
Do not ask to make peace – peace with who Abbas, The Munich massacre murderer and Abbas the leader of the Palestinian authority who mastermind of The ACHILLE LAURO HIJACKING and murder of an elderly man in a wheelchair. Abbas has a murder conviction with life in prison, he is an escaped convict.

YJ Draiman 

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